Men’s fashion: pieces of advice 

How to dress properly for everyday life, evenings or Sundays? We are going to show you the different ways of wearing an English suit, a three-piece suit, a suit, etc. Getting ready for a business event or with friends is not complicated. We will also talk about the different style mistakes you should not make to make a successful evening. Also understand how to put on a dinner jacket. If you are invited to themed festivities, adopt our tips on the port of Chlamyde, Dhotî, Fundoshi, or the Hauts-de-chausses. Pants remain the favourite underwear for men. It's important to choose them carefully, just like briefs, to avoid inconveniences such as chafing. The expert's guide to the trendiest urban winter clothing such as boots, gloves, hats and caps. Disperse your worries for the right Christmas look with our selection methods for jackets and coats. But we've also prepared some tips for the summer with the perfect combination of styles such as sunglasses, watches, jewellery and caps. Get all the latest trends, styles, tips and guides on ties, lenses and belts so you always look your best.

Choose your style, live your dreams!

We all have desires, both achievable and unfeasible. So we strive to create our lifestyle in relation to our choices. So assert your identity and face life on your terms. Don't neglect your body or your face. This is where studiohomme comes in. The site wraps up the key areas that every man will need to reach his best potential. Man's beauty is one of them. From choosing shower gel, shampoo, moisturising creams or deodorants, discover the tips to enhance your looks. If you are worried about men's exfoliation, if you are hesitating in your choice of hairstyles and male beauty centres, we will dispel your worries. A good quality of life is a perfect lifestyle. Our fitness guides give you all the information you need to choose the right sport to lose weight. Male bodybuilding will no longer hold any secrets for you. Show off your abs during a game of basketball. Don't be ashamed to go out with a swimming costume. You dream of having a career in modelling, discover our tips to get there. For smokers, also understand the advantages of the electronic cigarette in order to avoid damaging your health.

Male's well-being

Everyone needs good health care. But often men do not receive better advice as often as they should. Nowadays, men have embraced moisturizing cream. They have ordered beard oil and diverted eye serums from their opposite sex relatives. What is there to understand about the skin? Which anti-wrinkle cream should be used? How to have a better regulation of the eyebrows? Are black masks for men effective? These questions are no longer reserved for women. Beauty accessories such as beard combs and scissors are no longer the only accessories that interest our husbands and friends. Tools for men's manicure and pedicure are sold in specialist shops like hotcakes. It makes sense to treat men's skin with targeted care products. Discover the keys to a successful peel or any other treatment.
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