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How to recycle your beauty products?

What are the right gestures to adopt once your fetish cosmetics are finished? Recycling them, giving them a second life and reducing their impact on the planet: an eco-guide to follow to be at the cutting edge of cosmetics with…

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Let’s discover electro-cosmetics

In recent years, the beauty industry has benefited greatly from technological advances. This is how electro-cosmetics came into being. Here is an overview of the subject. Electro-cosmetics, k├ęzako? What is electro-cosmetics? As its name suggests, this method combines cosmetic care…

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How to become a beauty tester?

Cosmetic brands often call on well-known bloggers to test and advertise their offers. However, it is possible to become a beauty tester without being an influencer on the Net. For example, you can receive and then test exclusive full-size skin…

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Good reasons to fall in love with CBD cosmetics

CBD is increasingly appreciated in cosmetics thanks to its many properties. Moisturising and nourishing virtues Some hemp-based creams do not contain CBD (a cannabis molecule that is not psychoactive) but only hemp oil extracted from the seed of the plant,…

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