Good reasons to fall in love with CBD cosmetics

CBD is increasingly appreciated in cosmetics thanks to its many properties.

Moisturising and nourishing virtues

Some hemp-based creams do not contain CBD (a cannabis molecule that is not psychoactive) but only hemp oil extracted from the seed of the plant, using first cold pressing. This oil is very beneficial for the epidermis as it contains a lot of omega 3 and 6 which are close to the composition of sebum and are therefore nourishing. In addition, hemp oil contains anti-oxidant and soothing properties, which is suitable for mature skin or irritated and sensitive skin. It is therefore an excellent ally for skin health as it restores and maintains the hydrolipidic film. The epidermis remains hydrated and nourished. Sometimes you can even add a few drops of CBD oil. Why this? According to the people who work at Cibdol, CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory virtues, which strengthens the anti-ageing side and reduces the appearance of acne pimples. In addition, you can use hemp oil mixed with coconut or jojoba oil to nourish your hair if it is dry and brittle. If you have curls, add a little broccoli oil to redefine them.

Anti-inflammatory and soothing properties

As explained above, CBD is said to have anti-inflammatory properties. We owe these virtues to the presence of omega 3 in hemp oil. Inflammation occurs when the body feels threatened, so it is a defence mechanism. To limit this, the EPA and DHA fatty acids that come from omega 3 can be transformed into anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, these, again thanks to the fatty acids they contain, play a major role in the function of the skin barrier. Their anti-erythema action therefore enables them to calm and soothe itching and redness.

Regenerating virtues

Hemp oil contains vitamin E, a natural antioxidant. Therefore, in addition to regenerating the skin thanks to the omega 3 it contains, it has an anti-ageing action. Finally, if we bring together all the properties of cannabis oil, we understand that it can be suitable for all skin types, especially mature skin and sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Can CBD oil be consumed?

CBD oil is available in cosmetic form but also as an oil that can be consumed in a variety of ways: - Under the tongue for a quick action that will however last less time. - In other foods thanks to no-cooking recipes - In capsules (softgels) for more convenience - The skin application as we have seen it Nevertheless, although some studies prove the benefits of CBD on the body, particularly in people with serious illnesses such as epilepsy or multiple sclerosis, it is best to consult a doctor before consuming CBD oil. Interactions with drugs can be relatively dangerous. In addition, care must be taken with the dosage of the oil (percentage concentration) and the quantity ingested.
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