Boots are essential wardrobe items for men worth buying because they are versatile, stylish, and comfortable. What’s more, they offer an irresistible style. From work boots to dress boots, Chukkas, Chelsea boots, and beyond, plenty of men boots exist to fit different attire. You can pair Chelsea boots or Chukkas with a blazer and trendy pants or casual boots with a shirt and jeans for a smart-casual look. Else, you can get a professional business look by dressing boots with slacks. If looking for the best pair of boots, please follow this link.

Know Your Options

Most men are ignorant when buying men shoes, especially boots. For instance, most men visit the store and buy the first pair of shoes they see on display. Keep in mind that different boots exist, meaning you have to be cautious of what you are buying.

For example, it would be wise to buy Chelsea boots to add some elegance to your outfit. This boot is simple, smooth, sleek, and you can easily slip it on and off. On the other hand, a Chukka boot is much more rugged and will give you a hardy vibe.

Know when to Wear Boots

Even if you have stunning, sleek, or stylish boots, remember that you cannot combine them with formal attire. Men boots are essentially casual. It is sensible to wear boots with chinos or jeans because they originate from rugged roots. Another notable thing is that wearing a boot and a tie will make you look strange.

Pick the Right type of Pants

Well, this concept is straightforward. Whenever you wear IRO shoes, you should always combine them with suitable trousers. For example, you cannot combine dress boots with formal pants. If possible, pair boots with chinos and jeans. The general rule of thumb is to avoid suits and slacks.

The Right Pants Length

You might know the suitable trousers to wear with your boots, but you will get it wrong if they are too baggy or short. It would help if you made sure the pant hems graze the top of the boot to get a perfect look. Generally speaking, it should be roughly 0.5” to 0.75” above the ground.

Know the Colours to Wear

Although boots are casual, colours matter a lot when it comes to wearing them perfectly. Most IRO boots for men that you can buy are available in brown and black. The rule when it comes to rocking boots is that black is more formal than brown.

Black boots are versatile and timeless shoes for men. You can style them with business professional, smart casual, casual, or formal attire to create a picture-perfect look. On the other hand, Brown boots are incredibly versatile because you can virtually pair them with all types of styles and outfits.

Match Boots with Other Leather Outfits

Men, here is a simple tip you need to consider at all times. As with other men shoes, you should try always to match IRO boots for men with your belt or any other leather outfit you might be donning.

However, there is an exception to this rule. If you are rocking a suede boot, you don’t essentially have to match it with other leather attires. Here, you have the freedom to play around with what pleases you.

Final Say

Lastly, proportion is crucial when wearing boots. So, you need to avoid rocking small and sleek boots with bulky pants. The same applies when wearing large combat boots. You should avoid wearing them with slim jeans.