How to wear men’s boots with style?

Boots are essential wardrobe items for men worth buying because they are versatile, stylish, and comfortable. What’s more, they offer an irresistible style. From work boots to dress boots, Chukkas, Chelsea boots, and beyond, plenty of men boots exist to…

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Fashion trends: the key accessories for spring-summer

Heeled moccasins, XXL bags, sculptural rings… These are the key accessories you absolutely must have for spring-summer! Mini & XL bags Whether it is mini or extra large, our bag does not fit in the half size (and between the…

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Semi-permanent nail polish: do we crack or not?

It’s invading the nail bars and some manicure addicts can’t get enough of it, but is this gel nail polish really that great? Enquiry. Semi-permanent nail polish: what is it? A coloured acrylic gel that a pro applies to the…

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Men’s fashion: pieces of advice 

How to dress properly for everyday life, evenings or Sundays? We are going to show you the different ways of wearing an English suit, a three-piece suit, a suit, etc. Getting ready for a business event or with friends is…

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DIY: Wash your jeans at home!

There are many reasons why you would like to change the style of your jeans. You are not obliged to use the services of professionals. There are simple and easy methods that can help you wash your jeans. These are…

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