Heeled moccasins, XXL bags, sculptural rings... These are the key accessories you absolutely must have for spring-summer!

Mini & XL bags

Whether it is mini or extra large, our bag does not fit in the half size (and between the two sizes, our heart balances).

Laced sandals

Sandals? Yes, as long as they have laces that beautifully underline your ankles. The result is both chic and cool and promises to keep us going all summer long.

Chain shoes

Our pumps and sandals are equipped with a purely decorative chain, which enhances the ankle or instep and is the end point of a trendy look.

The bag bag

He had been neglected for a few seasons, but he hasn't said his last word... The bucket bag regains its superb appearance as it passes over the most prominent footbridges, from Celine to Prada. We bet it will be quickly adopted by all fashionistas!

The mocassin

Bright colours, geometrical patterns, aesthetic curls... The bourgeois moccasin is drifting and gaining height, embracing a mischievous attitude that we didn't know he had.

The raphia

For a few seasons now, raffia has imposed itself without pretension. This spring, it sublimates our bags, shoes and jewellery for a silhouette as close to nature as possible.

XXL rings

Sculptural and imposing, the rings expand with barely concealed exaggeration. Wear in pairs or alone.

Coloured glasses

Sunglasses with tinted lenses make us see life in pink, blue, yellow, etc. A colourful trend to adopt as soon as the sunny days arrive.

The link necklace

We punctuate our look with a link necklace, preferably short neck, for a resolutely rock and rebellious touch.

Platform sandals

The latest trend in the 1990s, after the banana bag, the crop top and the bob: platform sandals, which make us gain a few inches in height without worrying about blisters (we won't complain!).