How to choose your natural stone jewellery?

Do you feel stressed, exhausted, tired? Try lithotherapy. Indeed, this science of crystals aims to rebalance the body by relying on the energy reflected by the stones. Thanks to this energy, a real emotional and spiritual work is carried out. Indeed, the crystals aim to reassure your health, both physical and mental. If at first glance, you may be reluctant about the usefulness of the stones, you should know that lithotherapy is a form of alternative medicine, widely used in Brazil in particular. Each stone is different: the chemical composition, colour and shape vary. Thus, each crystal will have a specific action: some aim to calm or reduce anxiety, others strengthen the immune barrier and others boost physical power. It is therefore essential to find the stone that corresponds to your needs and expectations. In this article, we give you all the criteria you need to know to choose the right semi-precious stone.

The quality of the stone

A key point to stress is that you don't have to believe in the action of the stone for the stone to work. Indeed, you may have certain preconceived ideas about crystals and their effectiveness, or you may doubt that you are spiritual enough for the stone to have an effect on you. Do not be afraid. The effectiveness of the stone does not depend on belief or knowledge, but on the quality of the stone. So don't hesitate to take the plunge: it is normal to have doubts at the beginning and to have ideas, whether verified or not, about lithotherapy. There is no need to be convinced of the effectiveness of the stones or to take courses on the different existing stones: just choose a quality stone. Indeed, an essential criterion in the choice of your crystal is its quality. You can go on a jewel, like a bracelet of sapphire, like the ones available at for instance, to enjoy all the energy and efficiency of the stone. We can easily be tempted to buy a multitude of small stones, thinking that each stone will have an effect. But if there is one piece of advice to take into account, it is to give priority to quality over the number of crystals.


The choice of a stone is above all a question of intuition, of feeling. Indeed, the crystal you have to choose is the one that makes you react. To do this, listen to your body and mind. If a stone makes you react more than the others, for its colour, its shape or for any other reason, it is the one you should choose. Indeed, the essential thing is to feel an attraction, an alchemy with the stone. The crystal must awaken positive emotions in you, must reassure you, soothe you or arouse your curiosity. The stone reacts to a request that you express, be it psychic or physical: it is above all a question of energy. When there is a flow of energy between a stone and yourself, when an emotion is created, you are on the right path.

The Virtues

The stone can be chosen by theme. Indeed, each stone is associated with certain skills, which are particularly linked to it. Of course, it is very likely that several stones correspond to you and respond to your problems. To make your choice, concentrate on what you really care about. In fact, through personal reflection, highlight the points you would like to develop, whether physical or mental, the wounds you would like to heal or the abilities you would like to acquire. The choice of your crystal depends above all on what your deepest self desires, so you need to connect first of all with yourself and then to be able to establish a connection with the stone. For example, people with a chronic fear of abandonment will turn to rhodonite, which heals childhood traumas. For people who are naturally defiant, carnelian will soothe their fears. There are a multitude of stones, each with its own characteristics: it is up to you to find the one that suits you.

The path of life

If the above-mentioned options have not convinced you, there is one last solution to choose your stone: rely on the path of life Based on your name, first name and date of birth, the path of life highlights the 8 stones that are linked to you, and which correspond to you better than anyone else. Each stone reflects a special trait of your character and reveals who you really are. The path of life therefore allows a very precise analysis of the stones that are most closely linked to you. It shows which levers need to be unlocked and which obstacles need to be overcome. We all have barriers that seem insurmountable, doubts that gnaw at us and bad habits that disrupt our daily lives. Over time, all these negative points become a real burden to bear. In order to feel better, to refocus your energy and to alleviate your mental and physical suffering, trust the stones. All you have to do is choose your own, in the form of a natural stone bracelet, pendants or other!
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