The most common stones for lithotherapy jewellery

If all fine and precious stones are supposed to have virtues, here is a list of the most famous and set on lithotherapy jewels : Aquamarine lithotherapy jewels Already known to the Romans more than 2000 years ago, Aquamarine literally…

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Lithotherapy jewellery, which ones to choose?

This is a subject we haven’t yet addressed. We have more and more questions about lithotherapy jewellery to wear and, as experts in precious and fine stones, we felt it was our duty to give you a little more explanation…

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How to choose your natural stone jewellery?

Do you feel stressed, exhausted, tired? Try lithotherapy. Indeed, this science of crystals aims to rebalance the body by relying on the energy reflected by the stones. Thanks to this energy, a real emotional and spiritual work is carried out….

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How to choose your turquoise jewellery?

As for the choice of the outfits, the choice of a turquoise jewel. Turquoise is beautiful on all types of jewellery, whether mounted as an earring, pendant, ring or even bracelet. As for the shade of turquoise, it is important…

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Lithotherapy: which natural stone to choose?

We know that well-being is achieved through physical activity, diet and the use of hygiene and care products with their own composition. If we have chosen to offer you bracelets made of natural stones (also called “gemstones” or “semi-precious stones”),…

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