Lithotherapy: which natural stone to choose?

We know that well-being is achieved through physical activity, diet and the use of hygiene and care products with their own composition. If we have chosen to offer you bracelets made of natural stones (also called "gemstones" or "semi-precious stones"), it is because we are convinced by their properties. We know it, you are still a lot of sceptics in front of lithotherapy! In order to understand how this holistic method of care works, you must already believe in the existence of the energies that compose us and certain materials. We then speak of "vibratory frequency" in terms of the influences between our energies and our emotions. The gemstones are very numerous by their colours and their density because they all have a different chemical composition. It is this composition and the way in which the elements have been crystallized that will give them their own characteristics. Highly charged with energy, these stones have the ability to regulate our emotions, nourish our spirituality or act on our physical state.

Why choosing a precious or semi-precious stone?

Adopting one or more stones means surrounding yourself with the energies you need. This is why it is important to know ourselves, to know our emotional weaknesses in order to define the stones we need. Handled in the palm of the hands, used as a beauty accessory (such as facial rollers) or on jewellery in constant contact with the skin, the important thing is to have contact between the stone and the skin. Generally speaking, adopting gemstones is an attempt to restore a balance within oneself. As with all alternative treatments, it is important to be open to the method.

Why take care of your stones?

It is recommended to purify your stone especially if it is confronted with negative events. At the same time, it is important to be aware that your stone is draining its energy or can also become charged with negative energies. This is why, at the same time as purifying them, it is also necessary to know how to recharge them.

How to purify your stones?

Salt distilled water is the best method to purify your stones but beware, it is not suitable for all of them! If your stone is not compatible with water, it can quite simply be purified in salt. On the other hand, if your stone is not salt tolerant, it can be purified in water. It is up to you to see what is best for it. For a classic purification with distilled salt water: soak your stone or jewel in the solution for 2 hours. For water purification, it must be left for longer: 5 hours. Finally, for purification in a salt bath, check the hardness index of your stone as salt can be corrosive for some. Namely: once the purification is complete, get rid of the water or salt outside your habitat as it will be negatively charged! A fourth method, which is suitable for the largest number of stones, is that of incense. Pass it through the smoke of your incense for a few minutes. For each stone, we will tell you which method is the most suitable according to its degree of hardness.

How to choose the right stone?

Ruby (translucent red)

Symbol of happiness and fiery fire, the ruby (its name comes from its colour) has always been much appreciated for its powerful red colour, it has moreover long been present on royal attributes. Its virtues are said to be numerous since, in addition to restoring self-confidence, joie de vivre and enthusiasm, this little red gem would heighten passions, preserve from jealousy and promote wisdom. If you are prone to nightmares, this stone is also made for you because it would encourage positive dreams and soothe sleep. You can visit for more about the Ruby natural stone jewellery.
  • ┬áCharging: sunlight or quartz bed

Quartz (transparent)

There are several types of quartz: pink or smoky, for example. Rock crystal (the other name for quartz) is a stone that has been used since antiquity for healing purposes. In lithotherapy, adding quartz to other stones increases its properties tenfold. Alone, it brings vitality, comfort, concentration and helps to free oneself from stress.
  • Purification with distilled salted water, recharging with morning sunlight or moonlight.

Amethyst (purple)

By its chemical composition, amethyst belongs to the quartz group. It is known to be the stone of humility and wisdom. It is said to simulate creativity and imagination, which is why it is particularly appreciated by artists. Very effective in calming fears, anxieties and sadness, it is an ideal stone for people going through a difficult ordeal. Finally, as a symbol of the 48th wedding anniversary, it will be the ideal gift to give to your loved one!
  • Charging: moonlight or salt spring water
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