DIY: Wash your jeans at home!

There are many reasons why you would like to change the style of your jeans. You are not obliged to use the services of professionals. There are simple and easy methods that can help you wash your jeans. These are processes that only work on jeans. It doesn't matter what colour the jeans are.

Washing your jeans: the possibility of doing it yourself

If you want to give your jeans a makeover, you can wash them yourself. To add a touch of originality, you only need to apply simple techniques to guarantee quality washing. The aim is to be able to lighten certain parts of your jeans. It is possible to wash coloured jeans. Before washing, it is essential that you prepare your jeans by defining the areas to be washed. To do this, simply tie the areas to be washed with elastic bands. You can choose to wash your jeans completely if you wish. During the entire procedure, don't forget to put on a pair of gloves as a precautionary measure. In addition, you can experiment with old jeans before starting the experiment with your new jeans.

How do you wash your jeans yourself?

To wash your jeans, you can use a bleach-based mixture. You must mix the bleach with water. The amount depends on the amount of bleach you want to use. After mixing the solution, place the jeans in the basin. The jeans must be well soaked. The jeans must be thoroughly soaked in water, as only the wet parts of the jeans will be washed. A pause is necessary to allow the jeans to lighten. Depending on your needs, you can take a break of several hours. Rinsing and drying should be carried out afterwards.

What are the right methods for washing jeans?

To wash your DIY jeans, you can use a spray bottle. The principle is simple. Simply spray your jeans by mixing a dose of bleach with water. For a precise and stylish wash, you can use adhesive tapes. Machine washing is one possible solution. First of all, you should soak your trousers in a basin of bleach mixed with water. Then you can put the jeans in the machine with bleach and the usual detergent. You need to select the warm or hot programme on your machine.
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