What are the trends for spring-summer?

No more velvet dresses, big fur coats and winter colours! Discover the fashion trends for this spring-summer 2020 to bring freshness to your dressing room while staying stylish.

Spring summer 2020 fashion: the trendy pieces

This year's spring-summer fashion trends look exquisite. Classics such as the combi-pants and dungarees remain fashion must-haves. There are also a few novelties to spice up this beautiful season. For example, the brassiere, the suit in a shortshort version and the jumpsuit are must-haves to count in your wardrobe this summer. For mid-season jackets, opt for the extra-large blazer with trendy prints in pop or pastel colours. For a more classic look, trench coats are a must. The metallic version of the bomber is also trendy. In addition, the dress with ruffles is the trendy dress for this spring-summer 2020. However, the baby doll dress with puffed sleeves is not to be envied, because it will be everywhere. As for the denim trousers, play with the cuts. Opt for worked 7/8 jeans, high-waisted trousers and flowing XXL trousers. Browse through the collections of the Absolème clothing boutique to find fashion nuggets that are both daring and original.

Shoes and fashion accessories for spring-summer 2020

This spring-summer 2020, the trend is for dad shoes, heeled sandals and open-toed shoes. As for bags, bananas and baskets will be in vogue during the summer season. In addition, the big fashion designers have given pride of place to shoes and bags made of wickerwork. For jewellery, accumulation and mix and match are in order. Holiday jewellery such as shells and pearls are also favoured.

Colours, materials and prints

The colours of the spring-summer season look soft and light this year. The monochrome of beige and brown ensures a return to the roots. Pop shades are also making a comeback for the more daring. In addition, metal parts are trendy: gold, silver and copper. For prints, floral motifs are a sure bet. Large, mini or tropical, flowers will be everywhere on dresses, skirts, jackets and even trousers. Other motifs also cause a stir, such as polka dots, stripes and tie and dye.
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