The beautiful days return little by little with spring. From now on, make sure you choose the right pair of glasses to get ready for summer. To do this, make sure you choose a pair that matches the caricature of your face by referring to this guide.

The right frame for the shape of your face

The shape of the frame depends entirely on the morphology of the face. Indeed, the shape of the nose, the thickness of the mouth and the thickness of the cheeks play a major role in the choice of the right frame. The key is to create a perfect balance between the face and the sunglasses. For example, thin faces are not compatible with large frames that clutter up the face. Round glasses are suitable for round faces as they accentuate the roundness of the face. Women with round faces can also opt for geometric or thin-framed glasses to break up the rounded effect. For an oval face, all frames are permitted. Dare to use rectangular glasses to structure your eyes. Butterfly models are also a delight. In short, treat yourself by choosing the frame you like without the risk of tarnishing your look. If you have a long face, thin or half-rimmed glasses are ideal, while geometric models should be avoided. If you have a square face, opt for the cat-eye or butterfly-shaped versions to soften your features and refresh your look. If your cheekbones are prominent, avoid aviators, as they give the impression that your face is drooping. Either way, find your women's sunglasses at VIP OPTIC.

Other criteria to take into account

Sunglasses mask the eyes and therefore divert attention to other parts of the face, especially the mouth. Therefore, the position of the lips should also influence your choice. For example, if your lips are drooping and irregular, it's best to turn to coloured glasses with original frames to draw attention to the eyes. Note that these accessories help to hide the small flaws of the face and enhance its other assets. Haircut can also influence the choice of a pair of dark glasses. Short cuts go well with models with thin frames, so as not to obstruct vision too much. Curly and puffy hair is suitable for all types of glasses.