Inspiration looks: the trendy outfits of the year

From one season to the next, dress codes change and are not the same. Fashion is no longer limited to women’s clothing, it extends to make-up and jewellery and especially jewellery made of natural stones. In fact, in addition to representing aesthetic and pleasant jewellery to wear to complete one’s clothing, semi-precious stone jewellery represents an invitation to discover the fascinating world of lithotherapy. The items present at MINERALS KINGDOM for instance allow consumers to choose from a wide range of colours and materials. Natural stones worn as necklaces, pendants or bracelets allow the wearer to enhance their outfits while enjoying the benefits of the stones throughout the day.

Focus on the latest trends

Romantic grunge, the hot trend of the year

The rock and punk look hasn’t finished sharing its endless variations. After the dark gothic, here comes the romantic grunge.

This fashion trend can be roughly described as a combination of the stereotypical messiness of the grunge world with the romantic world of the fairy-tale princess. Lace dresses can therefore be found alongside more brutal-looking shoes, combined with more rocking fashion accessories, further details on

Fashion for all shapes and sizes!

Fashion for the whole family, everyone imposes their own style!

Fashion accessories are now aimed at consumers of all categories. In addition to the desire and the need to look cool, interior outfits, just like work clothes, follow a fashion trend, tips and tricks on

Mothers and daughters share the same look

Shopping is done between mother and daughter to find women's clothes.

Children's trends, what look for the new school year?

Adopt a cool look for your children when they go back to school.

Elegant women, having style at the office

Adopt a chic look in your work environment which can be both beautiful and comfy.

Cool teenage girls love street style

The classic fades somewhat to make way for a more contemporary style.

Men's fashion, the casual and casual look

The new fashion trend that learns how to match clothes to one's personality.

Stylish trousers, which one suits you best!

Trousers today come in many variations, appealing to a wide range of consumers. Depending on personality, tastes and habits, but also the desire to change them, everyone can find what they are looking for, more fashion tips on

Cigarette or carrot cut?

The first actually indicates straight trousers, while the second expresses a cut that tapers towards the legs.

Wide or skinny?

Wide trousers are mainly intended for people with a fairly full figure, unlike skinny trousers for slimmer sizes.

High waist or low waist?

The high waist is suitable for women with well defined hips. The low waist gives more value to the buttocks.

Jeans or denim, what's the difference?

Denim is the main material for the composition of jeans. The interlacing of the weft threads distinguishes them.

The Slow Fashion trend explained to you!

To put it simply, Slow Fashion indicates a fashion trend in the choice to wear eco-friendly clothing. In other words, it’s ethical fashion with a focus on sustainability, using quality materials.

Fashion trends: the essential is the accessory!

Jewellery watches for women, a touch of elegance!

Men's handbags, as practical as they are stylish!

Sunglasses, the fashion obsessions of teenage girls !